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The Servant

Played by Ryan Callaghan

First appearance: Chapter One - Oblivion and Paradise

The Servant's history is unknown, it is assumed he was homeless, living rough on the streets of Stoke-On-Trent. He was created by Leonora and personally chosen by Hemlock to be his bodyguard. Incredibly tall and super strong, the Servant is a formidable and bloodthirsty foe, a stark contrast to his pristine butler's uniform. A man of few words, he takes pleasure in watching his victims suffer and revels in violence and pain.

He will be a difficult challenge indeed for Newlyn to face.

Ryan Callaghan is a professional actor. He joined the Amanda Andrews Acting school with the intention of becoming a working actor. After 6 months of training with her, she took him on in her agency and he started going for auditions. Since then, Ryan has appeared as one of the leads in a teen drama "Life As I Know It" and worked on various short films and commercials. He is loving his role as the Servant!