Blood and Bone China

Back Richard

Richard Howell

Played by Simon Hooson

First appearance: Chapter One - Oblivion and Paradise

Richard Howell is the elder brother of Newlyn Howell. Richard moved away from his home village of Buxton when he was accepted into medical school. After his training, he set up a practice in Stoke-On-Trent. Within five years, Richard had become the most successful and highly respected doctor in the area and made it onto Linus Hemlock's high society guest list.

Recently, after a surge of stories in the local paper about mysterious disappearances, Richard became curious. Unsatisfied by the lack of investigation by the local police force, he began looking into the matter on his own and unearthed some startling fresh clues. Needing help and publicity to get the local police and population to take his extraordinary claims seriously, Richard began to correspond with a journalist from 'The Sentinel' newspaper and they arranged to meet. However, on the night of the meeting Richard was attacked by a 'creature of the night'. Terrified for his life, Richard ran through a labyrinth of streets, but there was no escaping his fate. The whereabouts of both Richard's body and his attacker remain a mystery.

Simon Hooson is a full time actor, who lives in Staffordshire and embraces a wide range of acting skills. Home educated followed by a three year Diploma in Performing Arts, Simon is happy both in front of the camara and on stage. He's enjoying his role of Richard Howell in Blood and Bone China, as it's brought both local and period drama together in Stoke-On-Trent.