Blood and Bone China

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Newlyn Howell

Played by Anthony Miles

First appearance: Chapter One - Oblivion and Paradise

Newlyn Howell was born in the rural village of Buxton on December 5th, 1867. He has one older sibling; Richard Howell. From a young age, both brothers expressed a desire to work in the field of medicine. Where his brother Richard succeeded and moved to the city, Newlyn failed and instead took to treating four legged patients.

He remained in Buxton and set up a small veterinary practice. To make a little extra money, Newlyn turned to his hand to taxidermy. Not the most talented vet, he always seemed to have a steady flow of subjects to work on. His first attempt, his beloved dog 'Boris', sits on the bookcase in his office.

The love of Newlyn's life is the local farmer's daughter, Miss Mary Hewitt. He has been trying to win her affections for almost three years. Whilst trying to catch Mary's Yorkshire terrier 'Bram', Newlyn was approached by a mysterious stranger in black, Alexander Pyre. He was told of his brother's untimely demise, only to later discover that no body had been found. In an unusually pro-active move for Newyln, he agreed to join Alexander and journey to Richard's home in Stoke-On-Trent. He is now determined to solve the mystery surrounding his brother's disappearance and bring those responsible to justice.

Anthony Miles is a Birmingham born actor and studied for a BA Hons in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. He graduated in 2000 and has since gone on to enjoy performing in a wide variety of productions. Earlier credits include doing various theatre tours, live comedy improvisation and lots of gigs with bands. In more recent years Anthony has been concentrating his efforts for the camera and is now thrilled to be playing Newlyn Howell in Blood and Bone China.