Blood and Bone China

Back Alexander

Alexander Jonathan Roland Pyre

Played by John James Woodward

First appearance: Chapter One - Oblivion and Paradise

Alexander Pyre is a mysterious, tall figure always dressed in black. Little is known about him. He has few friends and aquaintances and no family to speak of. Alexander speaks with a Scottich accent and appears to be extremely well travelled and educated. He is never parted from his gladstone bag and highly unusual black cane, topped with a crystal skull.

Alexander first met Newlyn Howell on a sunny day in Buxton, when he brought the sad news of his brother's death. After some gentle persuasion, Alexander convinced Newlyn to travel to Stoke-On-Trent to investigate Richard's disappearance. But how far Pyre can be trusted? What is his true motivation? Newlyn will find out soon enough.

John James Woodward is a Stoke-On-Trent based artist, sculptor and product designer, working primarily in the field of fantasy gift-ware and toys. John has previously appeared in Chris Stone's award winning short Roman film 'Anno Domini' as a Roman soldier, but Alexander Pyre is his first speaking role as an actor and one he is enjoying immensely.